Brevini Winch Recovery

Winches – Recovery

This series of light, compact hydraulic winches sold by Brevini Winches is a huge success with tow truck manufacturers. The versions ranging from 2,500 to 6,000 kg. all have as a standard feature the integrated negative lamellar brake (we were the first in the world to introduce this solution) and a manual declutch system (hydraulic or pneumatic are also available on request). A hydraulic motor-driven unit with variable displacement can also be installed on larger versions.

The power generated by the hydraulic motor-driven unit is transferred to the drum by way of planetary gear units incorporated in the drum and a mobile crown to facilitate the declutch process. A range of accessories such as rope guides and pressure rollers are available on request. The new version, lighter and more compact, with a maximum line pull from 2,500 to 4.6000 kg and greater rope capacity, was launched on the market in 2004.

Winches Recovery  Winches Recovery

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